Qualified Behavioral Health Provider

Walnut Ridge, AR
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The Qualified Behavioral Health Provider (QBHP) will establish a supportive client relationship with the goal of empowering clients and their support network to actively participate in mental health treatment. The Qualified Behavioral Health Provider will provide clinical interventions to reinforce, practice, and model therapeutic techniques and treatments as directed by the Mental Health Professional. The Qualified Behavioral Health Provider is not responsible for supervision of other staff. Travel is required.


  1. Maintains direct service requirements as outlined in the client’s treatment plan.
  2. Serves as part of the client’s treatment team.
  3. Provides professionally appropriate transportation as necessary to accomplish treatment goals.
  4. Establishes positive relationship with client, family, and their support network.
  5. Models stability for client and family by scheduling and keeping scheduled appointments.
  6. Empowers client to improve day to day functionality, helps client reduce their stressors and increases their ability to focus on their treatment goals.
  7. Encourages the client to comply with their established treatment plan.
  8. Monitors/reports client behavior in all environments.
  9. Makes necessary referrals and serves as liaison with other community resources.
  10. Provides timely documentation according to policy to support services rendered and provides written reports as required by other agencies as needed.
  11. Provides Behavioral Assistance to attain goals as outlined in the client’s treatment plan.
  12. Provides Child and Youth Support Services with client’s authorized support network such as parents, teachers or other care-givers to equip those individuals to improve the client’s positive behaviors and encourage compliance at home and school.  
  13. Provides Individual Life Skills Development to help client in acquiring the skills needed to live an independent lifestyle and promote a strong sense of self-worth.
  14. Provides Adult Life Skills Development to help client in acquiring the skills needed to support an independent lifestyle and promote an improved sense of self-worth.
  15. Provides QBHP Crisis Stabilization in accordance with the client’s treatment plan that is intended to further stabilize the client, prevent the client from deterioration, and serve as an alternative to a 24-hour inpatient hospital setting.
  16. Works with clients and/or guardians to ensure attendance to initial medication evaluation and subsequent medication appointments.
  17. Schedules QBHP Supervision and Observations as outlined by company policy. 
  18. Documents all QBHP Supervision and Observation in Credible to be reviewed and signed by MHP.
  19. Review Caseload Compliance QBHP report at a frequency that will ensure clients are up to date on all compliance issues and are Tiered appropriately for QBHP services.
  20. Attends all required clinic staff meetings.
  21. Testifies in court as required.
  22. Other duties as assigned.



High school diploma or GED required. A bachelor’s degree in psychology, sociology or a related field is preferred.


At least one year of work experience in a human services field is preferred.


Required: The Qualified Behavioral Health Provider shall meet the definition of a Qualified Behavioral Health Provider as defined in the standards for Arkansas Medicaid Providers in the State of Arkansas

The QBHP must be able to: 1) Identify problems, collect data, establish facts, then communicate these findings to the MHP. 2) Read, analyze, interpret, and follow treatment plans.  3) Document client sessions succinctly and accurately.  4) Must have excellent spelling and grammar skills.  5) Must have excellent computer skills.

The successful QBHP will effectively:  1) Maintain client confidentiality in accordance with Families, Inc. quality assurance guidelines, policies, and procedures, 2) Communicate, work, and interact effectively with clients, their support structure, school faculty and administration, and staff.  3) Must have strong organizational skills enabling the establishment of an efficient daily/weekly/monthly work schedule based on the client’s treatment plan, session frequency requirements, client’s severity, and availability.

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