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QBHP Training Coordinator

The QBHP Training Coordinator provides training and instruction to both the new and established QBHPs. The QBHP Training Coordinator is responsible for maintaining training materials, coordinating job shadowing for QBHP trainees, working individually with QBHPs as needed, conducting documentation reviews, and contributing to weekly Quality Assurance Department staff meetings. The QBHP Training Coordinator also provides direct client care to a broad range of clientele.


  1. Provides initial QBHP training and certification during Orientation week.
  2. Prepares QBHP training materials prior to Orientation week.
  3. Establishes and maintains a consistent Field Skills training program for QBHP trainees.
  4. In collaboration with the Quality Assurance department, the QBHP Training Coordinator updates training materials to remain current and consistent with company policy, practice, and Documentation Release content.
  5. Reviews Field Skills Review forms for quality of training provided prior to certification of each QBHP and reports the results to the Quality Assurance Coordinator.
  6. Completes QBHP certificates and forwards to the HR Coordinator no later than the first Wednesday after Orientation week.
  7. Completes the Orientation Review form for each Clinical Supervisor to review regarding newly hired QBHPs on Fridays of Orientation week.
  8. Completes Documentation Reviews at the volume identified on the weekly report.
  9. Participates in weekly Quality Assurance department staff meetings.
  10. Coordinates with the Quality Assurance Coordinator on retraining content and provides annual QBHP recertification training; completes QBHP certificates and forwards to the HR Coordinator no later than the first Wednesday after the recertification occurs.
  11. Provides direct QBHP services to children, adolescents, and adults as needed.
  12. Promotes a collaborative relationship between QBHPs, Clinical Supervisors, and Quality Assurance by directing QBHP questions to the respective Clinical Supervisor and/or Quality Assurance.
  13. Participates in the monthly clinic staff meeting and directs questions and feedback to the Quality Assurance Department.
  14. Works with QBHPs individually to address concerns or deficiencies as requested by the Quality Assurance Department.
  15. Other duties as assigned.


  1. Serves as a member of the client’s treatment team.
  2. Completes the necessary training to become a certified QBHP.
  3. Provides professionally appropriate transportation as necessary to accomplish treatment goals.
  4. Attends the Jonesboro outpatient staff meeting.
  5. Makes necessary referrals and serves as liaison with other agencies.
  6. Submits documentation according to company policy to support services rendered and provides written reports as required by other agencies (i.e., DCFS, legal system, etc.).
  7. Builds support network around client by working with authorized collateral sources such as parents, teachers, or other community agencies as appropriate.
  8. Provides scheduled (documented in Credible) clinical supportive interventions according to treatment plan on an off-site basis.
  9. Ensures client’s attendance to initial medication evaluation and subsequent medication appointments.
  10. Schedules QBHP Supervision and Observations as outlined by company policy.
  11. Documents all QBHP Supervision and Observation in Credible to be reviewed and signed by MHP.
  12. Establishes positive relationship with client, family, and their support network.
  13. Models’ stability for client and family with regularly scheduled sessions.
  14. Empower client to improve day to day functionality, reducing stressors and increasing ability to focus on treatment goals.
  15. Encourages client compliance with the established treatment plan.
  16. Review Caseload Compliance QBHP report daily to ensure clients are up to date on all compliance issues and are tiered appropriately for QBHP services.
  17. Monitors/reports client behavior in all environments.
  18. Testifies in court as required.
  19. Other duties as assigned

The QBHP Training Coordinator must have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work, sociology, business or a related field or the equivalent work experience in a human services field.

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